For the next 365 days I will take a picture of myself. Each day/picture will have a part of my body in it. I am looking forward to this challenge and being able to see myself and body in a new light. I am hoping for grow as an artist and a person.

I paint self-portraits because I am the person I know best. -Frida Kahlo

Please Enjoy...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My finished skull for Skull Appreciation Day!

From other angles:




  1. This turned out great, Heather! I love what you did to the eyes and mouth!

  2. Love this, Heather!

    My first inclination with my skull was that I had to word-wrap it. I just really felt the need to have it read like a poem somehow...or a beloved book...but because the vision remained too abstract, i started thinking about mirrored tiles (going for that layered, wordless poetic statement) and mirrored sunglasses...but then the idea i chose showed up and it made me laugh so much, i had to do it.

    All this is to say that when i first saw your creation, it felt as if you had somehow made something similar to what i had originally seen in my mind. I want to sit and read this! What is it that you have written in ink?

  3. I LOVE your skull creation, Misha! I can't wait to see it in person <3

    My skull is called "bloodline". The newspaper is from very old (1866) and I wrote every name that I know (some going back to the 1500s) in my family tree.

  4. I love that your bloodline includes peacock feathers, ink and lace!