For the next 365 days I will take a picture of myself. Each day/picture will have a part of my body in it. I am looking forward to this challenge and being able to see myself and body in a new light. I am hoping for grow as an artist and a person.

I paint self-portraits because I am the person I know best. -Frida Kahlo

Please Enjoy...

Friday, April 15, 2011

116: Friday Challenge!

Friday challenge: Imitation of Great art… inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn”


  1. I absolutely love this! Will you show me how to do this someday?

  2. One of my favorites of yours (it's a long list :)!

    Your cactus always makes me smile.


  3. Thanks all! This was a real adventure in photoshop (with some tutoring from Nick).

    Yup, I would gladly show you how to do this, Beth :)